Glen Burnie High School Music

       Helpful Links and Tools

Check out these helpful links for your musical needs. There is something for everyone.



            Mutopia (free classical music scores-public domain)

            Rhythm Machine download (an awesome program for inspiration)

            Essentials of Music

            Ricci Adams'  Music

            G Major Music Theory

            Careers in Music

            What it Takes to be a Music Major

            Finale NotePad

            Teoria Interval Ear Training

            Audacity (free download) - music editing software

            Online Metronome

            Online Music Glossary

            Auto Tuner and Wave Analyzer

            Hearing Protection/Musician Earplugs

            Microsoft's Songsmith (free download) - music accompaniment program

            Free Music Lessons



           Fingering Charts

           Instrument Repair

           Instrument Care


           Helpful Band Link for Everybody

           Scales and Fingering Chart Generator

           Vic Firth Podcasts (excellent video resource for percussionists)

           Steve Weiss Music (probably the best supplier of everything percussion)

           Percussive Arts Society (great resource for articles on history, technique, performers, etc.)

           Percussion Clinic



          Everything Violin

          Violin Master Class

          Cello Professor

          String Bass Blog

          String Bass Information

           Strings Scales

          Printable Scales for Violins/Violas

          One of the Most Extensive Violin/Viola Links, Ever



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